Pre-Order Questions

Sure, we have got just a product for you. Just follow the link.

Don't forget to give us as much details as possible. The rest is with us.

We guarantee the graphics as supplied are fit for their use as supplied, if you spot something wrong then contact us before fitting, sadly due to the nature the usage and differences in peoples attitudes to our fitting advice then we cannot offer a time bound guarantee.
Sure, minor changes are free, such as changing colors. Bigger changes may carry a small design fee, always a minimum to cover the time to redesign.
Feel free to email us at info@tmx-graphics.com, well always try to help!
A hairdryer or low power heat gun, tools to completely wash and dry the panels, a clean cloth for smoothing down.

To do a full bike kit properly, including cleaning and preparation then expect to take a morning or afternoon at least. Take your time though, because ultimately it will lead to a great finish that youll appreciate for a long time! Rush it and it will bug you forever!

Well the answer here is no, not if you follow the fitment guide, a little preparation goes a long way! If you run out to the shed and throw the graphics at a muddy, dusty, oily trail bike then dont expect them to stay on there! Make sure everything is clean, free from dust and grease, warm and also use a hairdryer or heat gun (Gently!) to aid fitment, this gives an amazing long lasting result Every kit comes with an A4 fitment guide.

The graphics we make have changed as we seek for better and better materials to print/work with. They always have to achieve two things, great print reproduction and high durability. We use a process were the graphics are printed in a first glossy vinyl layer, which is the covered by a second transparent glossy vinyl layer which gives the final product higher durability. Finally the stickers go to a optical cutting plotter to cut the graphics with great precision.

We now work with three vinyl specifications: - MOP (0.1 mm | 100 microns | 4 mil) - Designed for easy installation without bubbles. Optimal solution for less demanding purposes. - XTE (0.53 mm | 530 microns | 21 mil) - Specially designed for extreme conditions and competition environments.